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Clash Of Clan Game WhatsApp Group

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Hello Friends we have created one more WhatsApp group for all Clash of Clan fan out there. Clash of clan is online which is played by millions of people around the world. So we have started a Clash of Clan whatsapp group where you can get all the update and news about tis online game. You will get on regular basis for new feature added in game or tricks to get more loot or how to win a Clan War.

Clash of Clan is big hit online game where you can find people playing this game across the world. You can interact with people through chat section in Clash Of Clan. You can make your own clan and start winning the war. Clash of Clan is very interesting and strategic game where you can build your town and have fun by crushing other players. Please join our whatsapp group to get new clan and strategy to win clan wars. I hope it will be fun to have few chats about the game and how to improve our attacking skills. If you love this game please join our Whatsapp Clash of Clan group and have fun.

Who wants to join and ready to have some fun, it’s very simple you can join our whatsapp group in one step. You have to submit your whatsapp mobile number in comment box. As soon as we see your number, we will add your number to our Clash of Clan WhatsApp Group. Below are updates you going to get on your whatsapp after joining.


Join Clash Of Clan WhatsApp Group For:

  • Update about New Feature
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Strategy tip for how to attack
  • Video of the some great attacks
  • How you can install and play this game
  • Other Daily Updates

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  4. Abhishek
  5. Girijesh mishra
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  7. mpala
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  13. Akshay
  14. Japhola
  15. sahil arora
  16. diva
  17. vishwa shah
  18. suriya
  19. shrinivas
  20. Brajesh
  21. Pee Joe
  22. Dheeraj
  23. Jerin
  24. Rahul
  25. bitupan nath
  26. Leo antony
  27. Leo antony
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