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India Pakistan Friendship WhatsApp GroupHere we are ready with new unique India Pakistan Friendship WhatsApp Group . As we all know about both these country on and off relation. We have created this group to discuss reasons of this complex relation and what should be done to improve relation. All WhatsApp users who belong to these two countries or not are welcome to join group. As this group name suggest this group in only for positive thoughts so who want only fight avoid it. Rules are strict no abuses or personal comments are not allowed. If anyone do, that person would be removed without any warning. You will get all the news about India-Pakistan and all other updates, you can also participate and post anything related.


In 1947 after the end of British Raj two nations are born Dominion of India & the Dominion of Pakistan. India became Secular country with Hindu majority. Pakistan was an Islamic Republic with Muslim majority population. At the time of Independence diplomatic relations are formed between them. But because of violent partition and many territorial claims had made relationship bitter. The Kashmir conflict is main reason and they have fought three times, Bangladesh was the result of 1971 & Bangladesh Liberation War. They had tried many times like the Delhi–Lahore Bus service to deescalating tensions but every time failed. The 2001 Indian Parliament attack, The 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings and the 2008 Mumbai attacks were some biggest reason to impede the efforts to make good relation.


Peoples who are interested to join India Pakistan Friendship WhatsApp Group and discuss about problems and solutions are invited. Hateful posts or comment are not allowed in this group, don’t talk about religions. We have very simple process to join group, do everything step by step. First leave your whatsapp mobile number with country code in below comment box. You name and email is also needed to join. We would try to add you in group as soon as possible. Below are the updates will be posted in the group.


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  • Solutions to make relation stronger.
  • Good and Bad things about Ind-Pak.
  • Share your views.
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