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Islamic WhatsApp Group Join Discuss and Get Islamic Messages

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Assalamu Alaikum to all brother and sisters. We have started a new Islamic whatsApp group for Islamic news, history, all about Islam. You can discuss “what is Islam” what is pure way to live according to Islam, Namaz Timing,  Ramadan is Just One month Away so will share details about Ramadan as well. You will daily get to learn something new about Islam and Muslim’s beloved Prophet (Peace upon Him).


Islam is a religion about peace and love, it is the way of life where you can get to know what is good and what is bad (Haram and Halaal). So join our whatsApp group and you can discuss this entire thing with each of us. We will make our Iman pure and from stay from sin. May bless us a life where we follow the path of our beloved Prophet (Pease Upon Him) Ameen.


Who wants to join and ready to get some good update about Islam, it’s very simple you can join our whatsapp group in one step. You have to submit your whatsapp mobile number in comment box. As soon as we see, you will add your no to our Islamic WhatsApp Group. Below are updates you going to get on your whatsapp after joining. Don’t forget to mention your real name and place where you live now. There will be some strict rule for this Islamic group and if anyone break rule will be removed immediately.


Join Islamic WhatsApp Group For:

  • Islamic saying by our Nabi
  • Timing of Ramadan and Namaz
  • Share good thing about Islam Like Messages and Videos
  • History of Islam and Our Beloved Prophet (Peace Upon Him)
  • Daily prayer updates
  • Other Daily Updates

Leave WhatsApp Mobile Number in Comments For Join Islamic Group


  1. waseem
  2. lokesh
  3. farhan khan
  4. Ashfaque
  5. shazia
  6. saleha sayyed
  7. Idowu Abdulkabir
  8. Kashan Abbas
  9. inayat
  10. khalid khan
  11. bashir manafikhi
  12. Yahya Mahmoud
  13. syednaseeba
  14. Shamsudeen suleiman
  15. Irfan jaffer
  16. razin
  17. Ahsan
  18. muzzmagray
  19. Niyaz
  20. Qaiser
  21. rahat
  22. Hafiz talha fareed
  23. farhan
  24. alikhan
  25. mujtaba
  26. sherifdeen
  27. Jahangir
  28. Ali jamiu
  29. sazeed ali
  30. Shaheen
  31. Ali Naqash
  32. Praveen Kumar
  33. Mohammad
  34. Idrissa Sankoh
  35. Waqas
  36. azar
  37. Hussain
  38. Ahmed emtiaz
  39. adnan
  40. syed Mahaboob
  41. imtiaz
  42. ubaid
  43. kinda
  44. M.sulman
  45. muhammad sharizan
  46. hussain
  47. Jawad Ahmad

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