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Hey guys we have started one more group for all The Big Bang Theory Fan out there. I know you folks love watching TBBT and want to know more about the Show and its Characters. So we have started a The Big Bang Theory whatsapp group where you can get all the update and news about all the season of TBBT and its character. You will get daily update about TBBT and some fun fact about whole cast of TBBT from season 1 to season 9 through whatssapp messages for free. You will get daily fun facts, Fun quotes from The Big Bang Theory characters.


TBBT is a great comedy show about 4 geeks and a beautiful blonde girl penny that live across their apartment. Where Sheldon being a genius and trouble with emotions, Penny being beautiful, Leonard being confused with his love life and Raj suffer to talk with girls but finally in relationship. Through our WhatsApp group we will share pictures of the character mostly Penny, Quotes from the show mostly Sheldon and some crazy moments from the show by video.  I hope it will be fun to have few chats about your favorite characters on the show. If you love this show please join our Whatsapp TBBT group and have fun.

Who wants to join and ready to get some fun, it’s very simple you can join our whatsapp group in one step. You have to submit your whatsapp mobile number in comment box. As soon as we see your number, we will add your number to our TBBT WhatsApp Group. Below are updates you going to get on your whatsapp after joining.

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  • Update about show timing
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  • Pictures of Penny
  • Funny video from the show
  • Where You can watch Online
  • Other Daily Updates

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